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The official 2021 Olympic schedule includes 46 disciplines and 33 sports. There are 339 different medal events in total.

The decision to add new games to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics was decided by the International Olympic Committee on June 1, 2016. The approval of five sports, including,

  • baseball/softball,
  • karate,
  • skateboarding,
  • sport climbing,
  • surfing,

18 new competitions and 474 new competitors were added to the Summer Games.

“Youth, which is at the core of the Games concept for Tokyo 2020, is a significant focus of the five sports. These sports combine well-known and newer ones, and they are incredibly well-liked in Japan and abroad. Team sports, individual sports, outdoor sports, and “urban” sports having a big appeal to young people are all included.”


Among the most varied sports in the 2021 Olympic lineup, skateboarding will make its debut. There are two competitors: Sky Brown, 12, from Britain, and Rune Glifberg, 46, from Denmark.

“The skater’s final round score in each round is obtained by the best of their three 45-second runs. five judges used a 0 to 10 scale. Each run’s top and weakest scores are eliminated, and the remaining three scores are then aggregated to the nearest two decimals to provide the run’s final score”.

Both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games feature athletic competitions Seven sports were featured in the Winter Olympics in 2022, compared to 33 in the Summer Olympics in 2020. Each Olympic sport is sponsored by a world institution known as the International Federation (IF)

Some sports, such as tennis and archery, which were once part of the Olympic program name were dropped later by the IOC, have managed to make a comeback. Early games were part of these sports. To promote a national sport from the host nation or to evaluate interest in a brand-new sport, the Olympics have frequently featured one or more demonstration sports. Baseball is one of these sports.

After the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, baseball was abandoned. However, it was brought back for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where new disciplines were added to several already-existing Summer Olympic sports as well as the Olympic debuts of several brand-new sports, including karate and skateboarding. Breakdancing and ski mountaineering will debut at the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024 and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2026, respectively.


In the Olympic gauge, the word “sport” refers to all competitions recognized by an international federation, which may not be the same as the general understanding of the term. According to the Olympic definition, a sport might include several disciplines that, in everyday parlance, are frequently recognized as separate sports.

For instance, there are six distinct aquatics disciplines in the summer Olympic games: swimming, artistic swimming, diving, water polo, open water swimming, and high diving (the latter of which is a sport that is not an Olympic sport).

All of these competitions are governed internationally by the International Swimming Federation.

Figure skating, synchronized skating, short-track speed skating, and classic long-track speed skating are the four winter Olympic sports that all include skating (the latter is a non-Olympic discipline).

There are six different Olympic skiing disciplines in total, including freestyle skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, and Nordic combined.

In Terms Of The Olympics

There are several other notable multi-discipline sports, including indoor and beach volleyball, wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman), canoeing (flatwater and slalom), gymnastics (artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline), cycling (road, track, mountain, and BMX), and bobsleigh (incorporate chassis). There are two non-Olympic sports in gymnastics, three in cycling, and two in wrestling. Only sports that took part in the Olympic competitions are included here.

It is possible that an international federation’s definition of a “discipline” will not match the IOC’s. Despite being designated as one sport by the International Federation of Gymnastics (IFG), men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics are recognized by the IOC as separate disciplines (FIG).

While United World Wrestling only refers to the men’s version of freestyle wrestling as “freestyle wrestling,” the IOC views it as a single discipline. The women’s version is categorized as a different sport called “female wrestling.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has periodically decided to add a sport that previously had a separate multinational league to the Olympics in the situation that they dissolve their supervising body and compatriot with an already-existing Olympic sports union, thereby diminishing the number of Olympic sports. This had an impact on snowboarding respective.

According to the IOC, a competition that awards medals qualifies as an event. As a result, there are 46 Olympic competitions in the aquatics sport, 32 of which are in the swimming discipline, 8 in diving, and 2 each in artistic swimming, water polo, and open water swimming. Athletics, which has a large number of events and is diverse but is not divided into disciplines other than loosely, has the most events per sport, with a maximum of 47.

For instance, the differences between swimming and diving in aquatics do not correspond to those between track and field events, stadium events, and road events in athletics.

The Summer Games

Nine sports were played in the inaugural Olympic Games in Summer. Since then, there have been twenty-eight sports listed on the schedule for the Summer Olympic Games from 2000 through 2008. However, due to an IOC decision to drop baseball and softball from the Olympic program in 2005, the number of sports at the 2012 Summer Olympics was reduced to just twenty-six. These sports maintain their status as Olympic sports with the potential to compete again in the Olympic program in the future. The IOC voted to add rugby and golf back to the Olympic program at its 121st session, which took place on October 9, 2009, in Copenhagen. There will therefore be 28 sports played in 2016 as well.

A sport or discipline must be extensively practiced in at least 75 countries across four continents to qualify for inclusion in the list of Summer Olympic sports.

Existing And Ceased Summer Programme

The official agendas of the current and past Summer Olympics consist of the sports (or subsets of sports) mentioned below, which are arranged alphabetically by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) name. Though no longer part of the Summer Olympic Games calendar, the discontinued sports were recognized as Olympic Games sports.

The numbers in each cell show the number of competitions in each sport that took place at the specific Games; a bullet indicates that a demonstration competition took place in that particular sport.

There are multiple disciplines in eight of the 32 summer Olympic sports in 2024. A unique, 3-character identification code for each discipline serves as its unique identifier. A group of sporting rules all shares the same hue.

The Winter Games

Before 1924, the Summer Olympic Games included ice sports like figure skating and ice hockey. These two sports made their Olympic debuts in 1908 and 1920, respectively, but were moved to the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924, where they stayed ever since and were an essential element of the Winter Olympics’ sporting program.

The first Olympic Winter Games were first named the International Winter Sports Week and were officially recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Since that time, the Winter Olympics have only featured seven sports, making up a total of fifteen categories.

Recent Airing Of Winter Show

A sport or discipline must be actively performed in at least 25 different countries across three different continents to be eligible for inclusion in the Olympic Winter Games schedule.

Present-day winter program:

The following sports (or fields of a sport) are listed alphabetically and are included in the current Winter Olympic Games based on the names provided by the IOC.

Three of the eight sports feature several fields of play. The same hue designates a collection of sports fields:


The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 will take place on Friday. But with the curling competition slated to start on Wednesday, the competition essentially starts two days early.

The opening ceremony in Beijing will look extremely different from what we’re used to, much like the opening ceremony at the Summer Games in Tokyo.

Tickets were anticipated to go on sale to residents of mainland China, despite China’s declaration that no traveler from outside the region will be allowed entry to the Games in November.

On January 17, organizers announced they would stop all ticket sales in favor of an “adapted program that will welcome groups of viewers to be present on-site throughout the Games,” with those spectators strictly adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.

But not everything can be done with technology; Japanese organizers put on a charming live pictogram presentation with costumed actors portraying all the symbols for each Olympic sport.

Beijing Olympics 2022 Theme song

Pakistani Dr.Mubashra Hafeez who sang the title song for Olympics 2022

Dr. Mubashra Hafeez lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She is obtaining a master’s degree in applied psychology, which is her area of concentration

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